Pans Traditional Thai Massage


timeout cover"To you Pan. With lot of love.
Thank you for everything you did for me.

—Huit from the Afrika! Afrika! Circus
(quote from signed copy of TimeOut
featuring Huit on the front cover)

"I have been visiting pan for under 12 months with various ailments. Specifically migraines and stiff neck and shoulders. Pans treatments have unblocked all the various channels which were blocked, strengthening my neck and alleviating the migraines. She is a professional Thai masseur and you will need a series of sessions to reap the benefits of her expertise. Highly recommended." — Alia Khan

Case Study: Ana's son Cerebral Palsy with motion difficulties.  "...he got up on his own two feet!"
Read Ana's full testimonial

"The first time I visited Pan was last year following a search on the internet and reading the positive reviews left by her previous clients. 2 years prior, I had an operation on my ankle that I felt hadn't healed properly causing an imbalance across both my legs. It's at this stage that i decided to see Pan. I had four treatments in total and i must admit after the second session the pain in the mornings had started to subside.
Two months ago, I decided to visit Pan again and commit myself to 5 x 2 hr sessions. This time I was suffering from tense aching shoulders - a previous masseur referred to me as the "iron lady!" because of it, but more so I had this pain in my right shoulder and upper arm causing limited stretching and movement in the entire arm. Although the treatment was painful, I tell no lie, but if you can breath through the pain the after benefits are well worth it. Pan's treatments are not gentle and relaxing, if that is what you're expecting then stay clear. Pan will work at getting to the root of the problem to ensure when you leave her, following your final session, you will be as pleased as I was. I would recommend 3 or 4 2 hour sessions with Pan to really reap the benefits.
Good Luck!!! Thanks Pan, love you!"— Teresa

Case Study: Maria Stroke victim. Left paralysed down her left side.
After 4 days of intensive treatment with Pan including Herbal treatment & massage, Maria regained movement in her arm, leg and was able to roll on her side.
Read Maria's full testimonial

"Three months ago I was involved in an incident at work, I fell onto a concrete floor and I sustained soft tissue injuries to my back.
I spent lots of money with private treatments, from Physiotherapy to alternative therapy without any improvement and my condition was getting worse. One of my neighbours suggested to me, to go and see Pan to treat my injuries. So, I took her advice.
When Pan started my treatment, I had several soft tissue injuries all over my back and I was in excruciating pain at the time. I have had to have weekly treatment for several weeks. I can sincerely say that Pan had done a tremendous job. I now have full movement, the soft injuries have healed and I am pain free.
Pan appears to have lots of experience. She is very proficient in her profession. When she carried out my treatments, she did put a lot of effort to get me better. She appeared to have set herself a goal and she did not give up until she had achieved her goal. Once I was better, I could see on her face how she was pleased and felt proud for having achieved her goal.
Pan is a very friendly person; she has a nice personality and takes great pride in her work. She treats you with decency and acts very professional. She appears to have some kind of healing power in her hands with lots of positive energy and, I have great respect for her.
I will recommend any one without any hesitation, to pay a visit to Pan if, they have any concerns about any pain or injuries, which others are not able to treat. I am positive she will make every effort to treat you and get you back on your feet.
After having been off work for nearly 3 months due to my injuries, I am glad to say that I will resume work next week and thanks to Pan's healing hands."— Pete

"I was in a bike accident and seriously injured my left knee. I ruptured my ACL completely and damaged all the other ligaments in the knee, I also tore my Meniscus and fractured my Femur. The surgeon who reviewed my MRI scan said I was one of the most injured people he had seen in years and was even too injured to risk operating on and sent me home, with a full leg brace and crutches. I was in a leg brace locked at 30 degrees and in a lot of discomfort for 9 weeks.
I discovered Pan through her website after a friend suggested Thai massage can be beneficial for knee injuries. I could barely walk, but somehow I managed to get on the Piccadilly underground line and get over to Wood Green and visit Pan. The first treatment was very difficult and completely different to what I expected, Pan is very hands on and it didn't take her long to locate the damaged ligaments.
Over the course of many weeks, Pan rubbed away the scar tissue and massaged out the knots that formed in my leg, I won't pretend it wasn't an uncomfortable process, sometimes I felt like yelling "enough", but I didn't have the breath in my body, so punishing was the treatment. Slowly the mobility in my leg returned and the tightness and scar tissue disappeared, after 4 sessions, I was walking without my brace, a few more and I got rid of the walking stick. It took a long time to get rid of the limp and to be able to bend my leg more than 90 degrees, but it was all heading in the right direction, whereas with conventional treatment I was heading nowhere.
The critical test was when I returned to see the Knee surgeon who had written me off 4 months earlier. He was amazed, he could not believe I was the same person he had seen previously. He told me to carry on what I was doing and to come back in another 4 months. Pan continued her treatment, moving to mobilising my hip which had also become stiff, Pan looks at the entire body as a system and works out where the problem is originating. When I returned to see my Surgeon once again, he declared that even if he was to perform surgery he would not be able to improve me anymore than Pan had, and discharged me from his care.
In truth if it were not for Pans treatment, I don't think I would have recovered at all, her encouragement and treatment got me to the point where I can now play football for 2 hours at a time and not feel any pain or effect on my knee. I can run 2km in 10 minutes and hop on my bad leg for as long as I want. You should also supplement Pans treatment with steady alignment and strengthening exercises and stretching as often as possible. I would recommend Pan to anyone , no matter how badly injured you are (you could not be as bad as me), or whatever you have been told by your Doctor."— Abid Ghani

"An injury from a car accident left me suffering from chronic tension in my neck and shoulders for many years until someone recommended Pan. After several sessions I've regained mobility in my shoulders which were almost completely frozen, the neck pain and headaches have gone, and I can finally enjoy a proper night's sleep. Visiting Pan is an incredible experience: her technique is certainly intense, but the results speak for themselves. Her treatment has transformed me on a physical and emotional level and I can't emphasise enough that time with Pan is most definitely time well spent."— Melissa Frewin

"I've been a patient of Pan's for about 5 years now, seeing her on-and-off through that time. Treatments are painful, but are the most effective course of action I've had for my various shoulder, hip and leg problems over the years.
If you want to be treated, see Pan. If you want to relax, go to a spa. Pan is very good at identifying and breaking down problem areas. I've just completed a course of 3 x 2 hour sessions over the last month and am mobile in my hip and shoulder once again. NHS physio treatment has it's place, particularly in prescribing strengthening exercises, but for proper deep tissue massage therapy, Pan is it."— Jon Fisher

"After years of back pain and countless visits to physiotherapists and osteopaths I was pointed in Pan's direction by a number of students from my Tai Chi school. Stories of the miraculous improvements in peoples health after seeing Pan seemed a bit far fetched to me but I thought it was worth trying. From my first visit, I was amazed at how deeply Pan seemed to understand my body and what was needed to put things right.
Although the first treatment was painful, the improvement in my back was noticeable even on the drive home. Further regular treatments have quite literally changed my life, freeing me from a constant battle with pain. The sense of well being I leave with after each session is wonderful and can last for hours after.
So the stories were true, hidden in Wood Green is a woman who can perform miracles."— Gary Winder

"Pan's traditional Thai massages blends deep tissue massage, gentle stretches and acupressure points to create a balance of refreshment and relaxation. With the use of her hands, elbows and feet she applies pressure to key points which helps loosen joints, stretch muscles and release tension. I have been visiting Pan for 8 years and I have never come across a more complete massage experience that leaves my body purged of toxins, and leaves me feeling calm, focused and ready to face another day. Pan's skill and genuine desire to help you feel better is what puts her way above the rest."— Tracy Vaughan

"Unfailingly accurate and instinctive with the wisdom of her years of hard work and experience, Pan gets straight to the the root of your problems — unlike many other masseurs — and will release the blockages holding you back. When I came to Pan I had very low energy and problems with anxiety and depression, as well as physical tension from years of flute playing and martial arts' training. After a few sessions I was buzzing with new energy, vitality and confidence, and my friends were amazed at the change. I won't deny the treatment can be very painful at times but the benefits far outweigh this for me and i'd recommend Pan to anyone serious about improving their life and health."— Therese Bann

"I was recommended to see Pan by a friend who informed me how good she was.......I have not been disappointed. Pan gives deep and concentrated massages releasing all tensions and knots in the body. Pan has an incredible gift of releasing problems areas effectively and is extremely skilled in what she does. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after a session. I would highly recommend her to anyone. What a treasure I have found. Thank you for all you do Pan."— Josephine Amankwah

"Pan has liberated my poor back from years of pain and rigidity. If you are like me, who suffered from back pain, you will not only feel physically healed but emotionally lifted once Pan unblock all the energy points in your body. She gives no non sense treatments and will go straight to the root of you problems: unrooting all rigid points and realigning your spinal misalignments. You will feel like a new person. Thanks, Pan!"— Elaine Cheung

"I have been a client of Pan for a number of years. She is truly a magical person who really knows and fully understands her craft. She is definitely blessed with the wisdom of her art as a masseur.
Pan has a vivid understanding in the biology of the human anatomy, it's function and coordination. Without asking she knows just by touch the individual needs of the body. Wherever the problem is highly concentrated she miraculously focuses her energies in correcting it.
The resolve of this lady & her work is to reset your body and mind and to ensure it's maintenance along with your cooperation according to your need. I commend her work extremely & would strongly advocate everyone to try this experience to fully appreciate what I have come to learn. You will feel anew. Elated in spirit body and mind. Truly a wonderful experience."— Michael Rowe

"Pan gives incomparably deep and effective massages. She has the ability to hone in on knots and tensions in my body, no matter how deep or hidden, and find ways to release them. I leave feel mentally and emotionally refreshed and physically relaxed and re-aligned. I would recommend her to anyone, who like me, spends a large proportion of each day behind a desk working on a computer!"— Tanaz Banda

"I have had ongoing issues with sports injuries (I like to run half/full marathons) and have spent a small fortune with very experienced physiotherapists however after my first session with Pan (which was almost a religious experience) my time with the physiotherapists was over. I am continuing regular sessions with Pan to ensure that any niggles that I may encounter do not turn into full blown injuries. She is one of the most gift healers I have come across and anyone who has a treatment with her will realise this. It is an operation without anesthetics, scalpels, etc... I feel blessed privileged to have met her and have no hesitation in recommending her to all."— Kwame Okojie

"I first went to see Pan about 6 years ago with a wry neck and a back that was quite distressed due to a crushed disc and long working hours at a desk. I left an hour later having regained full mobility and feeling much taller and happier than I could remember in years!
I had tried various other therapies and therapists, and also extensively sampled high quality massage in Thailand, but I have never met a therapist or any person quite like Pan, and to me she's one of the world's hidden treasures."— Marine Baudriller

"For many years I have lived with back pain – periodically just a numb ache, at other times, so painful that I felt unable to move. The tight neck developed following a motor accident in 1997 which was never treated properly.
In the past I have tried chiropractors and osteopaths who provided minimal relief. In desperation i underwent MRI scans and X-rays and even undertook treatment with Harley Street Physios. The Physios were a help in that they identified a key part of the problem being linked to my weak glut (bottom) muscles, but the problems were more far reaching and really have only been fully understood since I began my treatment with Pan.
Through her massage Pan has helped my understanding of the link between all the body's muscles – from the shoulders to the ankle joints. By effectively unknotting the tight achilles, the tight hamstrings, the damaged gluts and tense shoulder blades Pan has brought back to me a level of suppleness and mobility I have not experienced since my twenties. There is pain at first, but I guess that shows just how tight my muscles really were.
Now that I am in my forties, it is an amazing feeling to be able to just feel light and free to move without pain. My advice to anyone contemplating a course of treatment with Pan is to persevere for at least 3 sessions of 2 hours and then experience the results."— Ian O'Connell

"In an age of quick fixes and easy promises it is refreshing to meet a practitioner who tells the truth and delivers effective and long lasting treatment. Like many long term sufferers of back pain, I've read the books, had the needles, done the exercise and had the treatments, yet never really felt free of pain and confident in my movement. Now after a number of treatments by Pan my flexibility is returning and I am able ot take regular exercise.
To speak plainly, her deep massage technique can painful at times, but having stuck with it the benefits of easy movement and confidence are well worth the short term discomfort.
It is true what they say 'no pain, no gain'.
Pan is on a mission to heal, so if you suffer from pain I suggest you help Pan fulfill her mission."— Vincent