Pans Traditional Thai Massage

Case Study: Ana's son

Cerebral Palsy and has motion difficulties

ana-son "My name is Ana and one of my friends recommended me to travel to London to meet Pan.
My five year old son has Cerebral Palsy and has had motion difficulties throughout the years. Although we have tried many different and quite expensive therapies, there is still a lot to do.
I went to London to see Pan for five days, and she treated my son for six hours every day. The first day she said she could make him stand up by himself. From the very first day we could see the difference with the relaxation of his muscles. As normal, the first day we could only see little improvement but he was still sitting in a way he never has before.
From this day on everyday we saw Pan my son did different things like sitting with a straighter posture, stretching his legs, and sitting with his legs wide as they have never been.
It was a long week of Massages, Steam Room, and Thai Herbs but every minute was definitely worth it!
The last day we were there my son got an impulse and by holding Pan and my sister's hand he got up on his own two feet!
We will wait about five weeks to see of the muscles are still as relaxed as this week but after seeing the results that Pan achieved in five days we will book another week with Pan soon.
Thank you Pan for believing in my son and for making us feel right at home!"– Ana